An Evening with Gualberto Ricci Curbastro

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Join us for an evening, in our Crestwood tasting room, with the third generation of renowned Italian winemaking family, Ricci Curbastro.

Famous for centuries as the home to Italys greatest sparkling wine, Franciacorta lies in the heart of Lombardy and the province of Brescia.Recognized as a leading producer in the consorzio, Ricci Curbastro has been producing great wine for generations.

$30 per person plus tax includes tasting of four Ricci Curbastro wines (below) plus cheese, charcuterie & proper accompaniments. Reservations are required.

Franciacorta Brut
Curtefranca Bianco
Curtefranca Rosso
Vigna Santella de Grom